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Future Cities by Christian Lindemann

»Future Cities /长沙和上海« presents Christian Lindemann's first solo exhibition, which shows his analogue photographs he captured during his sojourn in the Chinese megacities Changsha and Shanghai in late 2023 and early 2024.

From the tranquil serenity of ancient Buddhist temples to the pulsating nightlife in the bustling downtown areas, he explores the interplay of tradition and modernity that defines these metropolises. His nighttime shots capture a futuristic, neon-noir atmosphere that blurs the boundaries between urban reality and cinematic fiction.

Christian Lindemann (born 1990) is a Berlin-based graphic designer and photographer. He graduated from the University of the Arts Berlin in 2016.

Formerly working as the studio director and gallerist for Christoph Niemann, he founded his own design studio in Kreuzberg in 2020. In December 2023 he was a guest lecturer at the HNNU in Changsha, China, where he also captured his latest photographic series on film.